2022 Impact Report

To inspire and encourage all people to fulfill their potential, thrive and contribute to their community.

Message from the Presidents

At the Y, we understood that to increase our social impact we needed to transform our business model and service offering to ensure our operational sustainability. In 2019, we began implementing our strategic plan, with an expected return to profitability by 2025. Now at the midway point in the process, we see how many of these changes are taking root and allowing us to better meet the growing needs of our communities.

Strategic Plan


In 2019, already aware that the organization needed to transform to better align with a constantly changing society, we set our transformation process in motion based on clear objectives and a well-defined strategic plan.

Now at the midway point in the process, some of these changes are starting to take root. Here is an overview of how we are changing to refocus our social impact and ensure our sustainability for years to come.

The Y’s game plan: to make sure our values— boldness, caring, inclusion, performance, respect, and solidarity—influence all our actions.

It is by acting according to these ideals that the Y achieves its mission: to encourage and inspire all people to fulfill their potential, thrive, and contribute to their community.

Incidentally, this mission translates into the Y’s clear vision for 2025: to reinvent itself so that it can transform lives all over Québec, even becoming a leader in the matter.

Driven by this vision, the Y aims to achieve four goals or “target states”:

  • An impact model that is understood and adopted by all and that guides our decisions
  • A transformed, high-performance, agile organization
  • An improved business model (better integrated and longer lasting) for continued financial health
  • A recognized, universally understood, and sought-after social impact

The Y’s Social Impact

One of the driving forces behind our transformation is our desire to refocus and increase our social impact. The pandemic changed and exacerbated community needs. With a clearly defined impact model guiding our actions and decisions and a transformed, integrated, and sustainable business model, we will be able to meet those needs more effectively.


Empowering people.
Our field of action is articulated around a clear goal: to help each person maximize their ability to take positive action for their future and theircommunity.


Providing the right tool.
To build the autonomy needed for individuals to become the best version of themselves requires developing four tools: Skills, Confidence, Participation, Critical thinking.


Zeroing in on our playing field.
To help members of our community build autonomy, we are focusing on four types of assistance: The success of young people, Active and healthy communities, Integration and prevention of exclusion, Thriving families.

A Journey Focused

on the Long-Term

As part of our transformation, which aims to ensure our social impact for the long-term, we are reworking our business model, focusing on financial and operational agility. We are working hard on maximizing revenues from key sectors such as the YMCA International Language School and camps. We are adapting our health, fitness and aquatic programs to better meet the needs and changing behaviours of members. We are also looking to develop key partnerships for our centres, such as the one between the Saint-Roch YMCA and the City of Québec.

In 2022, we refined our financial strategy launching an investment fund that would generate income to support our mission and operations for years to come. This strategic fund is financed by the sale of certain assets that are no longer financially viable and will complement our partnerships, philanthropic activities, and the diversification of independent revenue sources.

A Journey Shaped by

Societal Needs

Beyond physical activity and sports, community and education have always been central to our mission. For over 170 years, we have shown, time and again, our ability to transform and evolve based on the changing needs of our communities and the most pressing issues of our time.